WIN! A Sealy Queen-size bed set worth R8 000!

6 lucky readers will win a Sealy Queen-size bed set worth R8 000 each!

Sleep often seems as elusive as the Lotto to most of us! It’s one of the most treasured commodities in modern life. Proper rest can have an incredible impact on our quality of life. If you’re sleep-deprived, there are several ways to improve your sleep, such as meditation, drinking chamomile tea or making your room a tech-free zone. However, the problem could simply be that you’re in need of a new bed. With over 100 years’ experience, Sealy really knows how to make great beds. A Sealy mattress is exceptionally healthy to sleep on. It’s also great to relax on. In fact, whatever you choose to do in bed, your Sealy will support it. And whatever your shape or weight, the individually wrapped Pocketed Springs feel soft and luxurious, conforming to your body’s contours. Each spring is wrapped in a pocket encasement and moves independently, so that if your partner moves, you won’t be disturbed. And the bonus is that even when you move in your sleep, the pocket springs go to work, softening and cushioning your body at every turn so you can sleep peacefully. No more tossing and turning yourself (and your partner) wide awake- now you can enjoy undisturbed comfort the whole night through.

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31 JULY 2017.

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